Good News For Elton John and Baby Lev


elton-john-david-furnish-adoption-lev-ukraineThere seems to be some tentative good news for Elton John. There is a deal on the table that will allow Elton John to take Lev home.

What the heck? He’s not good enough to adopt, but he can maybe take him home if he agrees to some crazy thing.

Oh, it’s not crazy, okay.

Elton John and his partner David Furnish will be able to raise Lev in England as long as they involve Lev’s mother. That’s cool and all and I hope it works out.

The Family Minister said,  ‘I’d like to ask everyone be tolerant to the boy. This is not an orphan, the child has a mother and an elder brother and so he cannot be adopted by law. He has a difficult fate, like his mother. Help has been provided to his mother, who is living back in the community now. I am sure that soon this family will be united. Let’s help the mother to find strength to bring the family back together.’

What happens though when Lev’s mom gets back on her feet? Will she be able to take him back to the Ukraine?
Congrats Elton and David!

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