Elton John Has the 'X-Factor' In Super Bowl Pepsi Commercial (Video)


melanie amaro, pepsi commercial, elton john
Melanie Amaro sips Pepsi in the new commercial with Elton John.

Elton John and X Factor winner Melanie Amaro teamed up for a highly anticipated Pepsi commercial that debuted during tonight’s Super Bowl game.

Playing off of the latest pop culture craze of fairy tales with ABC’s Once Upon a Time, NBC’s Grimm, and the 3-D release of Beauty and the Beast, Pepsi chose to set a King’s court theme where Elton plays the king (who else?), and Amaro comes to claim his court.

With Amaro’s deafening voice – in a good way – she takes over the kingdom and wishes Pepsi for all!

Take a look at the full commercial below!