Elton John Too Old And Too Gay To Adopt?


Elton JohnOver the weekend, Elton John announced that a new man had “stolen his heart” — a 14-month-old Ukrainian boy named Lev. Unfortunately for 62-year-old piano man, if he wants to have to adopt, Sir Elton’s going to have to overcome laws that discriminate against his age and his sexual preference.

In fact, there are all sorts of crazy Ukrainian laws that complicating Elton’s recent desire to become a father. The two big ones, of course, are the ones that straight up ban adoption for both same sex couples and those who are 45 years older than the adoptive children.

Elton John falls into both categories. Still, if Elton’s partner David Furnish were the one to legally adopt Lev, it could ostensibly be done.

Aside from all that, Ukraine adoption law states the siblings must be adopted together — and Lev has a twin brother that Elton would have to adopt as well. Oh yeah, and Elton would also have to give the child his Christian name, i.e. “Lev Eltonovich John.”

Even though Elton John obviously has the resources to take care of Lev, even in old age, I think it is fair to question whether Elton’s recent desire to be a daddy at 62 is a little hasty. I mean, he even says that the death of his friend Guy Babylon last week influenced the decision.

Although the legal opposition looks pretty insurmountable, lots of rules are bent for superstar celebrities. Do you think Elton has the power to pull a Madonna?

Moral of the story: if you’re a 62 year-old gay man in 2009, don’t go to the Ukraine to adopt. Maybe he should try Malawi?