Elton John: Why All the Haters About His Baby?


elton johnElton John and David Furnish are parents, this is old news.  What is disturbing is that there are many haters on the Internet who are saying very mean and vile things about the celebrity singer and his partner.

When the news first broke, there was some backlash.  For example, some grocery stores censored pictures of Elton with his baby from their news-stands as not suitable for families.

But what is disturbing is that the haters continue to have a consistent and vocal presence about Elton John’s adoption and about gay adoption in general! According to the Huffington Post, one newspaper published the following opinion about Elton John’s adoption

“An abomination of nature. Totally, and overwhelmingly, disgusting. The descent into the abyss has now passed the tipping point.”

Seriously?  Is it 1987 or 2011?  I understand differing opinions but an “abomination of nature” seems a little harsh!  What is the deal with all the haters?  Talk to me!

Go to Huffington Post to read the thought provoking article about the attacks on Elton John’s fatherhood.