Elvira Grau Weird YouTube Video Claims She's Newest Real Housewife Of New Jersey


Earlier in the week Elvira Grau, the party planner on last week’s episode of Real Housewives of New Jersey, sent out a press release, herself, saying that she was going to be taking Dina Manzo’s spot on the show. This was weird because the show would have announced it, not the individual.

Andy Cohen stepped in, shooting down her claims with a quick dismissal on Twitter stating “It ain’t true. Ur on 2night’s ep for 10 mins tho. Sorry + Enjoy.”

But a new YouTube is circulating today with the lady herself once again claiming that she is the newest housewife, a “crazy bitch,” and just screaming her name and doing what appears to be an attempt at booty shaking. Does this mean:

A) She was previously told she would be on but has pissed off execs like Andy Cohen by proving herself unmanagable and lost her place on the show before she even started?


B) She’s delusional.

Take a look at the video. She kind of acts like she’s on pills,though I don’t think she is (though that would somehow in some waymake this YouTube more comfortable to watch). It’s creeping me out. If I were a fellow housewife I would do all I could to keep her off the show and away from my family.

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