Emily Maynard And Jef Holms Break-Up: How This Might Affect Ricki

Jef Holm and Ricki

Breaking up is always hard to do, but when children are involved, it’s even worse. Actually, when children and reality television are both involved, it’s heart-breaking.

As I’m sure you’ve probably already read that The Bachelorette‘s Emily Maynard and Jef Holm have decided to call it quits after only two months of blissdom together, when Jef proposed to Emily on the island of Curacao and in front of the entire country on the show that put these two lovebirds together. Sadly, not everything that starts on a television show is made to last.

What really concerns me though is how Emily’s 7-year-old daughter Ricki is going to cope with the break-up, too. After all, Jef was there for her on almost a daily basis and even promised to be the “best step dad ever.” The young entrepreneur even volunteered to coach Ricki’s soccer team, was a “car-pool dad” in the making, and even shared sweet play-time moments with her at Emily’s home. While I’m sure that he seemed more like a big brother than an actual father-figure to Ricki, Jef is surely going to be missed by the little girl.

Tell us Babyrazzi readers, should Emily have been involved in a show like The Bachelorette as a mother knowing that two hearts might be potentially broken if her relationship didn’t work out (as is the case wit her and Jef?). Take a look at our photo gallery of Jef and Ricki together and tell us your thoughts.

  • Always There 1 of 8
    Always There
    Jef tweeted one time that he wanted to get a "Best Stepdad Ever" t-shirt to wear at Ricki's extra curricular events. What would Ricki think now that he's not going to be there anymore? Photo via Twitter
  • Check-Ups 2 of 8
    Jef was so involved in Ricki's life, that he even went to her check-ups at the doctor's office with her like a real dad would. Photo via Twitter
  • Presents 3 of 8
    And what better way to show a little girl that you love her? Jef and Emily went shopping together to buy Ricki American girl dolls. Photo via Twitter
  • So Sweet 4 of 8
    So Sweet
    He even let Ricki play make-believe with him... how sweet, right? He almost seemed more like a big brother to her. I'm sure Ricki is going to miss these fun times with him. Photo via Twitter
  • Soccer Coach 5 of 8
    Soccer Coach
    Jef was Ricki's soccer coach and was there to witness her first winning goal. Who is going to coach the team now? Photo via Twitter
  • Car Pool Dad 6 of 8
    Car Pool Dad
    And not only was Jef very helpful to Emily by taking her to school everyday, but he was also a "car-pool dad in the making." It's sad that they are no longer together, right? Photo via Twitter
  • First Day Of School 7 of 8
    First Day Of School
    Jef sure was there for all the memories, wasn't he? Here he was at Ricki's first day of school two months ago. Photo via Twitter
  • Fixing Her Bike 8 of 8
    Fixing Her Bike
    Now that Jef will no longer be around, who is going to help Ricki fix her ride? He sure was a great almost-step dad, right? Too bad he and Emily couldn't make things work! Photo via Twitter

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