Emily Maynard Celebrates Daughter Ricki's 6th Birthday with Lots of Fun!

emily maynard daughter
Emily's daughter Ricki, in yellow, celebrates her 6th birthday

America fell in love with single mom Emily Maynard during her time on The Bachelor, as we watched her fall in love with Brad Womack.  Even though she and and Brad broke off their engagement, we still want to know what is going on with Emily and her daughter, Ricki.

Ricki turned 6 yesterday and her mom had a fun day planned for her!

Emily Maynard tweeted that her daughter was bringing a few friends home with her after camp yesterday. The girls would have a sleepover and possibly go to Carowinds.  Carowinds is an amusement park in the Charlotte area.  Judging by this pic that Emily tweeted, that is where the girls ended up celebrating.

The girls also celebrated with Barbie birthday cake last night and woke up way too early for mom Emily’s taste this morning, so she treated them to an IHOP breakfast.

Sounds like a fabulous way to celebrate Ricki’s 6th birthday!

Photo: Twitter

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