Emily Maynard Celebrates Her Daughter Rickis Last Soccer Game Of The Season (Photos)

Emily Maynard and her daughter Ricki

It’s been a long few months for Emily Maynard and her daughter Ricki, and it looks like the two might at least be able to enjoy their Saturday mornings together as the two celebrated the last of her green beans soccer game of the season.

The “Bachelorette” star tweeted a few new photos of her and Ricki, and it what looks like another addition to their family. While Jef Holm might be out of the picture, it looks like they’ve already found his replacement with a little puppy. And boy is he a cutie!

Check out all of our fun photos below (including a few that Emily tweeted during Halloween and Hurricane Sandy) and let us know what you think.

  • A New Puppy? 1 of 5
    A New Puppy?
    It looks like these two might have already found Jef Holm's replacement, LOL!
    Photo via Twitter
  • Cute Together 2 of 5
    Cute Together
    It's the last green beans game of the season!
    Photo via Twitter
  • Soccer Mom 3 of 5
    Soccer Mom
    Here's Emily giving her daughter Ricki a few last minute tips before she goes back out there on the soccer field.
    Photo via Twitter
  • Halloween 4 of 5
    It looks like this might be the cutest Bumblebee I've ever seen!
    Photo via Twitter
  • Hurricane Sandy Day 5 of 5
    Hurricane Sandy Day
    It looks like while Hurricane Sandy was quickly approaching North Carolina just last week, Emily and Ricki made an arts and crafts day while staying at home together.
    Photo via Twitter

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