Emily Maynard Faced with Parenting Dilemma! And No, It Has Nothing to Do With Brad Womack.

Emily Maynard
Emily Maynard Cleans House!

Bachelor “winner” Emily Maynard has yet to pack up to make the big move to Austin to be with fiancee to Brad Womack, but it sounds like she may be getting ready to…or perhaps she’s just doing a bit of Spring cleaning?

While she was cleaning out the playroom she was met with a dilemma that has haunted many a parent…

how to successfully rid your children’s rooms of old, discarded and unused toys. She tweeted that she, “cleaned out (the) playroom and have to give away before R notices. Weird how even the toys she hasn’t seen in years are suddenly her favorite.” Almost every parent has been met with this issue. Just make sure that you get rid of the toys while the kids are at school or asleep, and get rid of them fast. If they spot them, it’ll be way harder to get them out of the house.

Good luck Emily! Let’s hope Rikki doesn’t notice.

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