Emily Maynard Fan Writes Song for Emily, Daughter Ricki and Brad Womack

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Emily Maynard fan writes a song for The Bachelor family

A fan of The Bachelor has written a song for Emily Maynard, her daughter and Bachelor Brad Womack.

Samantha Paige wrote the song “Emily” about Maynard moving on with Brad Womack after the death of her daughter’s father, Ricky Hendrick, who died while Emily was pregnant.

Emily Maynard and her daughter, Ricki, are reportedly moving closer to Brad Womack, so perhaps this Bachelor family will have a happy ending after all?

Emily Maynard retweeted Samantha Paige’s song link on Twitter, writing, “@samanthapaige1 I can’teven begin to say how much this meant to me. I’m beyond flattered not to mention u have a beautiful voice. Thank you!”

In the song, Samantha sings about Hendrick and Emily’s little girl: “He’s always there in your little girl’s eyes, a keepsake of beautiful memories.”

Other lyrics for Emily and Brad Womack include: “Let go, Emily… grace is your virtue, beauty surrounds you. Let go, you will see. You’re not going to fall through — loves going to catch you.”

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