Emily Maynard Gets Mother's Day Wish from Brad Womack's Sister-in-Law

emily maynard, brad womack
Emily Maynard

Emily Maynard spent Mother’s Day at a golf tournament!  Then ended up back into her normal mom routine.

She Tweeted:

“Long/FUN day at the golf tournament and now I’m at home watching tv and folding laundry… typical. Happy Mothers Day to all of the mommies!”

Primavera Womack wished Emily a Happy Mother’s Day as well.  

Brad’s sister-in-law (she is married to brother Wes Womack), wrote: 

“@RickisMommy Happy mothers day to you! Hope you’re enjoying your day sweet girl!”

What a sweet message from who could be, Emily’s future sister-in-law as well!

Emily also received messages from Bachelor alumni Trista Sutter who tweeted: 

“Could go on all day saying Happy Mother’s Day 2 those who share my joy! Enjoy ur day @MollyMesnick @RickisMommy @karri_leigh @MelissaRycroft

Emily received Mother’s Day wishes from De Anna Pappas, who tweeted “@tristasutter @MollyMesnick @RickisMommy Happy Mother’s day! Xoxo”

Emily is definitely popular and loved by many.  Glad to see she had a wonderful Mother’s Day with her daughter Ricki.

Photo: Twitter