Emily Maynard Not Really In Love With Brad Womack? Poor, Confused Ricki!

brad womack emily maynard breakup
The Bachelor couple Brad Womack and Emily Maynard

Brad Womack and Emily Maynard are still together. Emily is even making plans to move to Texas with her daughter Ricki to be closer to Brad.

But, a source close to the couple says that while Brad really does love Emily, Emily isn’t so sure about Brad.  There’s a lot of fan pressure for The Bachelor couple to stay together and get married. America fell in love with their love story.

Emily Maynard may be moving to Texas just so she can maintain her good girl image. What message is that sending to her daughter, Ricki?

Brad Womack has been spending time with both Emily Maynard and her daughter.  According to Emily’s tweets, Ricki adores Brad. If Emily isn’t sure about Brad and isn’t ready to start planning their wedding, should she uproot her daughter to move her closer to him?

Photo: Twitter