Emily Maynard Replaces Jef Holm As Ricki's Soccer Coach

Emily Maynard and her daughter Ricki

It’s mom to the rescue! It looks like Emily Maynard’s 7-year-old daughter Ricki really is missing her would-be stepfather Jef Holm in her life as he has now been replaced as Ricki’s soccer coach by none other than Emily herself.

The Bachelorette star recently tweeted a photo of her and Ricki preparing for her weekend game, writing, “Last minute coaching from the mom who has never played soccer in her life. #soccermom”

Hey, we hear you Emily! Although I’m sure Jef has to be feeling Ricki’s heartache too as only a month ago he tweeted his excitement when Ricki scored a game-winning goal while he was the coach. I’m sure it has to be a huge upset for not only Ricki but for her teammates as well to be losing their coach mid-season.

Tell us, what do you think Babble readers? Was it a good idea for Jef to have been so invested in Ricki’s life so early in his relationship with Emily? For awhile there, he did really seem excited to be a part of Ricki’s everyday life. Tell us your thoughts on this. Something tells me that it might be Ricki who is hurting the most here from this Made-For-TV break-up.

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