Emily Maynard Responds: Moving Her Daughter Just to Play Games!?!


Emily MaynardLast week RadarOnline had an exclusive about Emily Maynard and her relationship with Bachelor Brad Womack. They apparently talked to some sources that declared that although the two are still together, Emily is “just playing games with him, and it’s sad because he’s so in love with her.” They added that, “at first she wouldn’t move to Texas, and now she’s going to, but only because she is tired of the pressure from the fans.” But to move your child across the country in a quest to quell the requests from fans or to play games? Doubtful. Especially since Rikki is Emily’s number one priority.

Emily responded to the rumors when…

an Australian Bachelor fan wrote via Twitter, “stay strong – shame on the tabloids – as if you would move your daughter away just to “play games ” – much love xxx”

Emily tweeted back, “Yeah I laughed at that one. If we’re faking someone needs to nominate us both for Oscars :)”