Emily Maynard Shares New Pics Of Daughter Ricki And Her Other "Kids"


It looks like Emily Maynard really has her hands full these days! The reality television star recently shared quite a few new photos of her daughter Ricki and her lovable cats at home.

Of course Emily won’t be able to enjoy all her time at home with her pussies son because as I’m sure you’ve heard, she’s been tipped to join the cast for next season’s “Dancing With The Stars.” So, another Bachelorette on the dancing show? You don’t say!

Check out our photo gallery below and let us know your thoughts.

  • Morning! 1 of 5
    Just another day for Emily and Ricki at home...
    Photo via Twitter
  • Huh? 2 of 5
    I'm sorry, but that is the ugliest cat I've ever seen!
    Photo via Twitter
  • Cat Nap 3 of 5
    Cat Nap
    How cute are these two? Apparently these two are called Safari and Holly.
    Photo via Twitter
  • At The Panthers Game 4 of 5
    At The Panthers Game
    These two braved the chill to cheer on their favorite team!
    Photo via Twitter
  • Car Pool Mom 5 of 5
    Car Pool Mom
    It looks like Emily has her hands full with these three girls!
    Photo via Twitter

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