Emily Maynard Spends Weekend With Brad Womack Without Daughter

emily maynard, brad womack
Emily Maynard spends weekend with Brad Womack without daughter

Brad Womack and fiancee Emily Maynard were spotted at the airport in Austin, Texas giving each other a big goodbye hug.

The couple spent the weekend together but without Emily’s daughter Ricki, 5.

Hopefully the two spent some good quality time together, without Emily, 25, being on mommy duty!

The last time Brad was visiting Emily in North Carolina, he and Ricki really bonded.  They seemed to get along very well – making it seem that they could be a great family.

But this time, Brad and Emily were alone I’m sure they had much to discuss.  The couple wined and dined and seemed happy.  This comes as good news after recent rumors of their break-up.

Obviously Brad and Emily have physical distance between them; Womack owns four bars in Austin, while Maynard and daughter Ricki live in North Carolina.

It’s tough to really spend some much-needed time with your fiancee when you’re in a long distance relationship, even tougher when you’re a single parent.

I’m still hoping that Brad and Emily will figure out a way to live together and be one happy family!

Photo: Twitter

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