Emily Maynard Wants Another Baby: Could She Be the Next Bachelorette to Find Her Baby Daddy?

Emily Maynard

Now that Emily Maynard and Brad Womack have broken up there has been a whole lot of armchair analysis about what went wrong between the couple. Was it because two time bachelor Brad wasn’t the right fit to be a husband and father to Emily’s daughter Ricki?  Was because Emily didn’t want to uproot her and Ricki to move to Austin, Texas? Or was it because Emily was actually never in love with Brad in the first place?

According to insiders, It was probably a combination of the three. Also, apparently Emily Maynard wants another baby, and wants one stat!The insider said, “they just wanted different lives, and Emily couldn’t take it anymore,” added the insider. Especially when it comes to kids, “she wasn’t ready to get married and have another baby right away,” explained the source.

Perhaps the Bachelorette would be a good place to find her a hubby. After Ashley Herbert’s run on the show, maybe Emily Maynard will make a return. But one thing about the the show, they’d have to really mix up the kind of activities to show how the potential suitors would handle not just being a boyfriend or husband but a dad. There would probably be several single dads in the mix as well. Making the Bachelotette far more family friendly.

Do you think Emily Maynard would do the show again?


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