Eminem Stars in Super Bowl Chrysler Commercial

Eminem Super Bowl Chrysler Commercial
Eminem Super Bowl Chrysler Commercial

Eminem is not performing at the Super Bowl but he’s starring in a Chrysler 200 commercial being aired during the third quarter of the game.

Keep your eyes open for it!!!

The two-minute spot starts out challenging Detroit’s stereotypes.  Industrial images flash across the screen while the narrator says, “I got a question for you, what does this city know about luxury? What does a town that has been to hell and back know about the finer things of life?”

Then more images of Detroit flash on screen as the narrator continues, saying “the hottest fires that makes the strongest steel.”


The commercial then cuts to Eminem’s tattooed wrist as he steers a Chrysler 200 while the rapper’s “Lose Yourself” begins to play in the background. 

The music continues as Eminem exits the Chrysler 200 and walks into Detroit’s historic Fox Theater under its marquee which reads,

“Keep Detroit Beautiful.”

The rapper dad is also appearing in an animated Brisk commercial which aired during the first quarter of the Super Bowl. 

You gotta love Eminem! 

Photo: PCN