Emma Stone, Blake Lively And Ryan Reynolds Step Out For "The Croods!" (Photos)


This looks like it’s going to be one fun box office smash! Hollywood stars Emma Stone, Ryan Reynolds and his newlywed wife Blake Lively all came out for the red carpet premiere of Dream Works’ latest animation offering, “The Croods,” in Hollywood, Calif. on Saturday night.

Stars Emma and Ryan were also joined by Hollywood heavyweight Nicolas Cage and his wife Alice Kim, along with one of my favorite actresses, Catherine Keener.

I just can’t wait to see this movie with my 5-year-old daughter when it comes out in theaters this week. It looks like so much fun! Check out our photo gallery below and let us know what you think!

  • Blake Lively 1 of 10
    Blake Lively
    No, no, ladies, that's not Ryan Reynolds next to wifey Blake Lively there. It's a Crood!
  • Ryan Reynolds 2 of 10
    Ryan Reynolds
    And no, no, ladies, that's not a Crood. That's Ryan Reynolds! See the difference?
  • Ryan Reynolds, Emma Stone 3 of 10
    Ryan Reynolds, Emma Stone
    Well someone is getting a little frisky here on the red carpet! I thought this was a G-rated movie?
  • Alice Kim, Nicolas Cage 4 of 10
    Alice Kim, Nicolas Cage
    Nicolas Cage and his wife Alice Kim made it out for the premiere of the film, too!
  • Emma Stone 5 of 10
    Emma Stone
    Is Emma looking hot or WHAT?
  • Stylish 6 of 10
    I am soooo loving her necklace in these pics.
  • Ryan Reynolds, Emma Stone 7 of 10
    Ryan Reynolds, Emma Stone
    These two look so fun together, don't they? I can't wait to see this film with my 5-year-old daughter.
  • Ryan Reynolds 8 of 10
    Ryan Reynolds
    And no, no. It's not Blake in this pic here. It's a Crood!
  • Lively and Leggy 9 of 10
    Lively and Leggy
    Is anyone else thinking what I'm thinking? And what I'm thinking is... how come Blake's not prengnat yet?
  • Catherine Keener 10 of 10
    Catherine Keener
    Raise your hand if you love Catherine Keener because I DO!

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