Emma Thompson To Pull Daughter Out of "Prison" for a Year


Emma Thompson is utterly charming, charismatic and classy yet is also self-effacing and has been gifted with a wonderful sense of humor. Yup, she’s pretty awesome. Emma returns to the big screen this Friday in Nanny McPhee Returns, a film she not only starred in but wrote. An exhausting task, but she’s wise enough to put on the brakes and take a break in the form of a year long sabbatical. And she won’t be alone. She’s bringing her daughter along for the ride.

We recently got the chance to talk to Emma about the film, motherhood and her self imposed break. Here is what she had to say:

“I’ve decided to take a sabbatical next year and take my daughter out of school, or “prison” as I like to call it. I know that’s a controversial remark, but we can talk about that some other time. Anyway, [I’m going to go] traveling and see a bit of the world, but also just sit and stare into space, which is very valuable too.  We don’t do enough of that.”

Would you consider taking your daughter out of school aka prison for a whole year?

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