Emma Watson Named Elle Style Icon and Insulted at the Same Time

Elle Style Awards
Emma Watson is the Elle Style Icon

Emma Watson. You DO know who Emma Watson is, right? She has played Hermione Granger in the seven Harry Potter movies that have been released so far.

We watched Emma Watson grow up in the Harry Potter movies. Last year, she completely changed her look into a much more sophisticated one when she cut her hair: gone were the long, unruly curls. She was named the Elle Style Icon at the Elle Style Awards 2011. But, the person who presented her with the award had no clue who she was and admitted it.

When Vivienne Westwood gave the Style Icon Award to Emma Watson, she said, “‘But I didn’t know who she was. They said Emma Watson. I said, ‘Who is Emma Watson?’ I never watch television, I don’t read fashion magazines. They said she used to be in Harry Potter, and I said, ‘I’ve never seen Harry Potter.’ They said they have this girl friend called Hermione and I said, ‘Oh — she’s lovely.’ So I must have absorbed something of her. So I would like to give this award to Emma who I’ve just met.'”

Yikes. It’s surprising she admitted that she had no clue who Emma Watson is.  You would think Vivienne Westwood would have found out or at least pretended that she knew who Emma Watson is when she was giving her the award.

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