Emmy Awards: Emmy Winner Julie Bowen Shocks Viewers With Thin Frame (Photos)

Ty Burrell and Julie Bowen

Did you watch the Emmy Awards last night? There was really nothing else on, so odds are good that you did. One of the best parts of watching awards shows is checking out everyone’s dresses and seeing how everyone looks.

Julie Bowen was one of the first Emmy winners last night, but instead of talking about her award, most people on Twitter were commenting on how skinny she is. She definitely seemed to shock viewers with her incredibly thin frame.

As a mom of twin boys, Julie is likely very busy. She’s also an avid runner, but has she been getting a little too much exercise lately? She definitely looks like she could use a little more meat on her bones.

Here are a few more photos of Julie from the Emmy Awards. Do you think she is too thin?

Photos: PRPhotos

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    Skinny or Toned?
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    Barely there body...
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    Teeny Tiny!
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    Is Julie too thin?
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    Don't lose any more weight Julie!