Emmy Fashion Focus: Why Christina Hendricks Is A Great Role Model For Girls


christina hendricksNo doubt Lea Michele, January Jones and all the 2010 Emmy winners and nominees looked gorgeous last night, but I prefer someone who looks like she had more than a pretzel for dinner. “Mad Men’s” Christina Hendricks once again proved a breath of fresh air for an industry that considers size 6 plus-sized. Her Emmy fashion statement: Hey, I’m a real woman! And I look fabulous!

She is the sort of actress that I want my daughter to look up to, if she has to idolize someone in Hollywood. Hendricks has been very open about her body and how it does not fit in with the stick-thin ideals of her profession.

Some people claim to do that then you read a few months later that they lost 25 pounds to become a size 2 and they couldn’t be happier.

But like real woman trailblazer Kate Winslet before her, Hendricks has become a sex symbol on her own terms.

Her dress last night emphasized her curves and her confidence. Honestly, not many women, skinny or full-figured, would have had the courage for a dress that shows off that much!

But on Hendricks, it worked. I didn’t feel like she was shouting “Hey, look at me!” It was more like, “Hey, this is me!” And that’s a lesson many girls would benefit from learning.

Photo: PR Photos