Emmy Winner Julie Bowen Admits She Hates Her Kids Sometimes: Too Harsh or Do You Agree?

Julie Bowen at the Emmys

While the 2011 Emmy Awards aired last night, celeb mom Julie Bowen found herself in the midst of lots of chatter! Whether people were excited about her being an Emmy winner or commenting on her super thin frame, Julie was definitely a hot Emmy topic.

Today, more people are talking about Julie because of the fact that she admitted that she sometimes hates her kids. Yes, I said “hates.”

Julie told US Weekly, “If I wasn’t a mom, I think it’d be harder to understand what it is to live with a child and hate and love them all at once. There’s always this undercurrent of love, but there are moments when I really wouldn’t mind if a giant hook just pulled them off the stage of my life!”

I’ll be the first person to admit that being a parent is definitely challenging, but I can promise you that I would never use the word “hate” in the same sentence as my son. Sure, he drives me crazy sometimes, but there has never been a time where I could say that I “hated” or even “disliked” him.

What are your thoughts on what Julie said? Can you identify or agree with her, or do you think that she was being a bit too harsh?

Photo: PRPhotos