Enrique Iglesias Claims Fan Injury Is Their Mom's Fault


Alright Famecrawler judges, let’s see where you weigh in on the Case Of Enrique Iglesias vs An Injured Fan. It’s a tough one.

Back in 2007 an 11 year old fan’s foot was crushed by the crooners car when she was rushing his vehicle after a radio appearance. He filed legal documents disclaiming any responsibility for the incident, stating that it was the young girl’s mother who is to blame since she should have been supervising her daughter.

The girl and her mother have sued Enrique for damages. But if they find him guilty, he wants her mother to pay the judgement.

That’s pretty much the whole story. I know I am torn. On one hand, Enrique ran over a kid’s foot and he can certainly afford her medical bills. On the other hand, the girl should not have rushed a moving vehicle in a fan frenzy. Teenagers can get out of hand and her mother may have had to physically restrain her, but then her daughter would not have been hurt. What do you think?