Eric Bana Says Laughter Is The Key To A Happy Marriage


eric-banaEric Bana says that the key to his happy marriage is laughter. Sounds pretty reasonable to me, though I didn’t know he was married or had kids. I also didn’t know he was 41.

He says that he and his wife really, really like each other as well as love each other.

“We definitely laugh together every day. And I don’t mean chuckle I can make her really laugh. A girl’s got to be fun. It’s the one bit of advice I always give to friends of mine who are thinking of getting married.”

Well that’s good, I guess. You don’t want to tell your friends to marry a fuddy duddy, or worse yet, someone with no discernible personality.

Eric Bana and his wife have two kids, Klaus, 10, and Sophie, 7.