Eric Dane Works Out His Daughters Billie and Georgie At The Gym! (Photos)


Eric Dane knows the importance of exercise, and he loves sharing it with his family!

The super fit actor treated his daughters, 3-year-old Billie Beatrice and 17-month-old Georgia Geraldine, to a private workout in a park in Los Angeles. The girls and their mother, actress Rebecca Gayheart, visited Eric during his private training session and Eric took a break in between his session to show the girls a few moves!

Eric and Rebecca’s daughters are definitely girly-girls, both wearing pink dresses and pushing their baby dolls in their strollers.

Is fitness and exercise important to your family?

  • Eric Dane! 1 of 5

    Florescent green running shoes pump him up!

  • Litte Girls! 2 of 5

    Little girls coming to hang with daddy is always a bonus!

  • Squats 3 of 5

    So that's how he keeps his legs in such good shape- squats!

  • Go Dad! 4 of 5

    Eric's daughters Billie and Georgia came to say "hi" to dad during his workout. Go Dad!

  • Pushup 5 of 5

    Eric even showed the girls a few moves. Here he's teaching Billie how to do a pushup.

(Photo Source : Pacific Coast )

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