Eric Johnson NFL: Where Did He Play? When Did He Retire? The Scoop On Jessica's Future Baby Daddy!

eric johnson nfl photo
Eric Johnson NFL: Where did he play?

Eric Johnson is on his way to becoming the next Nick Lachey! No, he’s not joining a boy band or making a fool of himself on a reality show. He’s engaged to Jessica Simpson. So what is Eric Johnson’s NFL background? Is he still playing football?

The answer to the latter is no. Johnson played for seven years. He joined the San Francisco 49ers after being selected in the 2001 NFL Draft, playing tight end and leading the team in receiving with 825 yards in 2004. But he was plagued by injuries during his five-year stint with the squad.

He then joined the New Orleans Saints in 2007, but he was cut in summer 2008.

As for where Jessica Simpson’s future baby daddy played his college ball, it was at Yale. So he’s pretty smart. Which should make his union to Ms. “Chicken of the Sea” pretty amusing! (Kidding, Jessica you have good humor about everything, which I totally admire.)


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