Eric Stonestreet Dedicates His Emmy To Parents


ABC’s hit Modern Family swept the awards last night during the 62nd Annual Emmy Awards.  Winning the first award of the night, Eric Stonestreet dedicated his first Emmy win to his wonderful parents back in Kansas.

The award for Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series went to Stonestreet with many calling it a shoe-in before the telecast began.  In his acceptance speech, he notably thanked his parents and dedicated the award to them.

When asked about the upcoming season, Stonestreet said, “We’re gonna meet Cameron’s mom, I know that’s an episode that’s coming. Continue to raise Lily and tell stories that apply to men and women, gay straight, whatever. We just love that we’re telling stories that people like and relate to,” he said.

His parents must be so proud of him.  Stonestreet worked hard for his Emmy win.  Congratulations!

Will you be watching Modern Family?