Erin Andrews Peephole Video Reposted

erin andrews
The Erin Andrews peephole video is making headlines again

The Erin Andrews peephole video that a stalker took of the ESPN sportscaster while she was in a hotel room is still circulating on the internet, even though the man who took it went to prison.

There is a gossip website called The Dirty which still had the photos and video on its site, and today those pictures got reposted. TMZ reported that one of Andrews’ lawyers actually sent a cease and desist letter attempting to get the photos removed from the website, but unfortunately that letter had the opposite effect! The owner of the website actually reposted the photos and then wrote “Erin Andrews, can you ask your lawyers if this is the post they want me to take down because I am confused? Welcome back to reality… your fault.- nik.”
Wow. It’s not bad enough that the poor woman had photos and video taken of her without her consent but to be mocked about it is uncalled for. I’m not exactly sure how any of this was her fault either, since she wasn’t aware that the photos were taken!

Do you think that the owner of this site even cares if he’s sued or not?

Source Photo by PCN