Erin Barry: Named Humanitarian of the Year? Really?!?


Erin Berry Brent Barry WifeIn the life of Erin Barry, this month will be marred by scandal and a media frenzy. But last month, in October, you know what she was doing? Besides allegedly texting Tony Park that is. She was being awarded the Humanitarian of the Year award!  Yes…

Erin Barry was honored by the La Prensa Foundation at their 14th Annual Celebrate Hispanic Awards Gala. She was given the Humanitarian of the Year award for her and husband Brent Barry’s charitable organization Barry’s Help San Antonio. The award ceremony was just a couple weeks ago on October 29th at the Omni Hotel in San Antonio. Which is great timing if it was rather on November 29th, you’d have to wonder if a woman immersed in a cheating scandal would get the same kind of reception and would she still be honored?

But regardless of what may or may not have happened with Tony Parker, Erin Barry and her husband Brent Barry have done much for the San Antonio community and for the kids there and that should always be commended.

Do you think it’s going to be awhile before Erin gets any kudos for her charity work?

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