Erin Barry, Tony Parker, and Eva Longoria — Who Will Come Out On Top?

Erin Barry or Eva Longoria - who'll come out on top?

So now that the Erin Barry Tony Parker scandal is all over the internet, what does that mean for Eva Longoria and her divorce? I mean how will Eva handle all the rumor and speculation that is currently going around right now? Will she confirm it, or will she deny it, or will she just stay quiet? However she chooses to respond could have a huge effect on her career and her popularity.

The way I see it is Eva Longoria should confirm the reason that she filed for divorce from Tony Parker. If Erin Barry was the reason than Eva should come forth and confirm that she was the reason, but then she doesn’t have to give any details. Let’s face it, those details aren’t important anyway.Eva Longoria could potentially walk away from this situation with even more popularity than ever! I mean, if he did cheat on her (which it pretty much looks like he did) everyone likes a woman who has the strength of her convictions to walk away! Look at Elin Nordegren she became a hero among women everywhere for having the courage to leave Tiger Woods one of the most powerful sports men in the world!

She could of course deny it, but I don’t think she would do that because if she was going to deny it she would have by now. And she won’t stay quiet either, because she’s already rallying her friends, like Mario Lopez and Billy Bush, to talk about how what Tony Parker has done. So it will be interesting to see how this Erin Barry/Eva Longoria situation plays out but my money is on Eva Longoria getting an even bigger and better career out of this than she started off with. What do you think?

Photo by PCN