Erin Barry Tony Parker Cheating Scandal: Will Spurs Cut Tony Parker?

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Will The Spurs Cut Tony Parker After Erin Barry Cheating Scandal?

Erin Barry and Tony Parker’s cheating scandal has become quite the headache for the San Antonio Spurs. Tony Parker was caught sending over 100 racy text messages to Erin Barry, who just happens to be the wife of his former Spurs teammate, Brent Barry. Eva Longoria has filed for divorce after discovering the Tony Parker Erin Barry affair.

Will the Spurs choose to cut Tony Parker after the Erin Barry cheating scandal? Tony Parker did just sign a new $50 million dollar contract with the Spurs. Will the cheating scandal fall into some sort of loophole?

So far, the Spurs are standing behind Tony Parker, but as more information surfaces about his alleged affair with Erin Barry, it may prove to be too much for the team to handle. They are having a great season, and the last thing they need is their image getting ruined by Tony Parker not being able to control his romantic urges. Plus, it doesn’t send the best image to young fans to have former teammates messing around with each other’s wives.

Professional athletes cheating is definitely not a new phenomenon, but the fact that Tony Parker cheated with Brent Barry’s wife is a whole other story. Even though Brent Barry does not play for the Spurs anymore, he still was Tony Parker’s teammate at one point, which makes this particular affair much worse.

Do you think that the Spurs will let Tony Parker go, or do they have to keep him because of his contract? Is this sort of thing just a blip on the radar as far as professional Sports go?