Erin Barry & Tony Parker - Was It Just Text Cheating? Or Did It Get Physical?


Is there a fine line between emotional cheating and physical cheating? Or is any kind of intense communication be in by body or words or…texts still considered cheating? This is a hot topic right now coming into the forefront due the allegations that Tony Parker was cheating on his wife Eva Longoria with Erin Barry, wife of Brent Barry.  So what was it Erin Barry and Tony Parker? How far did the relationship go?

According to reports there were hundreds of texts between Erin and Tony. But a source told People that,  “They knew each other, sent each other messages,” the source claimed. “It was flirtatious, but he never did anything with her.”

But even if they didn’t get busy in the flesh, an emotional bond formed over the phone, emails or texts can be just as strong.  And the texts between Erin and Tony were apparently were hot enough to start a fire under Eva Longoria that she considered cheating in her mind and led her to seek a divorce.

Do you think flirting over texting is cheating or is Eva overreacting?