ETrade Baby Commercials: Watch ETrade Baby Commercials Outtakes (VIDEO)

etrade baby commercials
Watch ETrade Baby Commercials Outtakes

What did you think of the ETrade baby commercials during the Super Bowl 2011 last night? ETrade baby commercials always manage to deliver a few laughs, and the ones from Super Bowl XLV 2011 were no different.

There were a series of ETrade baby commercials that didn’t quite make the cut to go on the air for Superbowl 2011. You can watch the ETrade baby commercial outtakes in the video below.

The baby in this video is tech-saavy, and you will see him texting his grandmother, talking about his love for his laptop, and finding an “interesting” movie of his parents, where he concludes that they’ve taken up the sport of wrestling.

What was your favorite ETrade baby commercial?