Etsy Items Remember Caylee Anthony, Slam Casey Anthony (Photos)

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Etsy sellers cashing in on Casey and Caylee Anthony?

Etsy entrepreneurs are cashing in on the Casey Anthony trial, offering up items that both remember Caylee Anthony and slam Casey.

Is it right for people to take advantage of the situation?

While you don’t have to buy, you know that someone is going to capitalize on the situation. Someone always does.

There are a few Etsy sellers who are offering to give part of the money they earn to charity, but others are in it for the pure opportunity to make a buck.

Etsy merchant Nick Rokicki told the Daily News he made the “Justice for Caylee Now!” and “Casey Anthony Got Away With Murder!” buttons “for people that want to make a statement …and don’t have access to a button maker.”

Rokicki adds, “I’m not trying to profit off a dollar for a little girl’s death.”

Check out some of the Casey Anthony and Caylee Anthony Etsy items for sale below and see more of the crazy Casey Anthony eBay and Etsy items.

  • Remembering Caylee Anthony sticker 1 of 7
    Remembering Caylee Anthony sticker
    Available from Etsy for $2.99
  • “I Support Caylee’s Law” decal 2 of 7
    "I Support Caylee's Law" decal
    Available from Etsy for $2.99
  • image-343 3 of 7
    Available from Etsy for $8.99
  • Casey Anthony sticker 4 of 7
    Casey Anthony sticker
    Available from Etsy for $1.99
  • Casey Anthony liar sticker 5 of 7
    Casey Anthony liar sticker
    Available from Etsy for $1.99
  • Casey Anthony bitch sticker 6 of 7
    Casey Anthony bitch sticker
    Available from Etsy for $1.99
  • image-344 7 of 7
    Available from Etsy for $1.00

Images: Etsy sellers

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