Eva Longoria Divorce: Erin Barry Tony Parker Cheating Scandal, Will Eva Remove Tony Parker Tattoo?

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Will Eva Longoria Remove Her Tony Parker Tattoo?

Eva Longoria has filed for divorce after discovering that her husband, Tony Parker, was cheating on her with Erin Barry. Erin Barry is Brent Barry’s wife, who also happens to be Tony Parker’s former teammate from the San Antonio Spurs.

Eva Longoria and Tony Parker seemed like such a rock solid couple…so solid, in fact, that she even had the word “Nine” tattooed on her neck to show her love for Tony. Nine is Tony Parker’s basketball jersey number.

Now that Eva Longoria has filed for divorce in the midst of the Erin Barry Tony Parker cheating scandal, what will she do about that tattoo? Will she have it removed?

Chances are that Eva Longoria will not want any reminder of her husband Tony Parker…or his cheating ways. My guess is that she’s already planning on getting rid of the tattoo.