Eva Longoria Divorce - Will She Really Get Spousal Support?


eva longoria divorceWhen Eva Longoria filed for divorce from her husband of three years, Tony Parker, the Desperate Housewives star asked the court to award her spousal support.  The request may come as a surprise to some people as the actress earns millions each year from her hit ABC show and lucrative advertising campaigns.

Will Eva Longoria really receive spousal support from her soon-to-be ex-husband?

Even though Eva Longoria is one of the highest paid actresses on television earning an estimated $12 million between her television show, appearance fees, and endorsement deals, her husband currently has higher annual earnings and a higher earning potential.  Tony Parker brought in $12.6 million last year just from his NBA contract with the San Antonio Spurs.  When you add in his endorsement deals, Tony made an estimated $16 million last year. 

The big mistake on Tony’s part was signing a $50 million four year extension with the team just last month which will be counted into the calculation for potential spousal support.  Note to cheating athletes – hold off on signing those extensions until after the divorce is final! 

The couple do have a prenup in place which was updated just last year.  Ultimately a judge will decide how much of his earnings Parker will need to hand over to his ex!

Will Tony Parker end up paying Eva Longoria spousal support?

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