Eva Longoria Tony Parker Divorce Rumors: What's True?

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Are the Eva Longoria Tony Parker divorce rumors true?

Eva Longoria, Tony Parker divorce rumors are getting confusing… but what’s true? Are the Eva Longoria and Tony Parker divorce rumors real? Did Tony Parker cheat on Eva Longoria?

Reports first swirled that a Tony Parker divorce filing was underway… then others said it was Eva Longoria who filed for divorce.

Sorting through all the Eva Longoria/Tony Parker divorce rumors is kind of messy, but here’s what we know so far.

TMZ reported that Eva Longoria and Tony Parker had filed for divorce in a Texas court on Monday.

Eva Longoria’s rep responded, saying that the story was “100% false.”

Even after that, more reports surfaced that Tony Parker and Eva Longoria were splitting after Eva was “totally and completely blindsided” when she discovered that he was cheating on her, exchanging hundreds of text messages with another woman.

That source had told that Eva Longoria planned to file for divorce on Wednesday.

Eva Longoria and Tony Parker have been married for three years now. Do you think Eva Longoria and Tony Parker are the latest celebrity couple heading for divorce?

Is there any truth to the Eva Longoria/Tony Parker divorce rumors? Or is the gossip about as truthful as those Eva Longoria pregnancy rumors from awhile back?

UPDATE: reports that Eva Longoria filed for divorce Wednesday, so looks like the rumors are true after all!