Eva Longoria Tony Parker Divorce Update: Eva Fought With Erin Barry Before Divorce Filing

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Eva Longoria Fought With Erin Barry Before Tony Parker Divorce Filing

The Eva Longoria Tony Parker divorce drama is far from over, and now, in a new update, rumors are swirling that Eva Longoria got into a heated fight with Erin Barry before filing for divorce. Erin Barry is the wife of Brent Barry, who is Tony Parker’s former San Antonio Spurs teammate. Erin Barry is also Tony Parker’s alleged mistress, and the reason for his split from Eva Longoria.

Eva Longoria found text messgages on Tony Parker’s cell phone that had been sent between him and Erin Barry, and discovered that they’d been having an affair. As a married mother of two, Erin Barry certainly took a huge risk by getting involved with Tony Parker. Not only did she break up Eva and Tony, but her own husband, Brent Barry, has filed for divorce as well.

Before filing for divorce from Tony Parker, Eva Longoria supposedly had a heated fight with Erin Barry in the parking lot of the San Antonio airport. According to a friend, “Eva wanted to look into Erin’s eyes to ask her if she had been sleeping with Tony.”

More details on the fight have yet to be released, but supposedly Eva Longoria was livid while confronting Erin Barry, as would be expected. It was likely one heck of a battle!