Eva Longoria Tony Parker Divorce Update: Eva Shocked Tony Cheated With Erin Barry

Tony Parker Eva Longoria divorce update
Eva Longoria Shocked Tony Parker Cheated With Erin Barry

Tony Parker and Eva Longoria’s divorce just keeps getting nastier as the days go on. Amid new reports that Eva Longoria even got into a brawl with Erin Barry before she filed for divorce from Tony Parker, it’s pretty clear that the whole cheating scandal has Eva livid, as it should.

Tami Ramon, star of Basketball Wives, is a good friend of Eva Longoria, and says that Eva was absolutely shocked when she found out Tony Parker had been cheating with Erin Barry. According to Tami, everyone thought that the couple would be together forever, especially Eva Longoria.

Tami said, “I was surprised because I have a personal connection with Eva … My daughters have traveled with Eva and Tony. They even went to their wedding. You couldn’t have told any of us that that wasn’t a match made in heaven.”

There is no doubt that Eva Longoria thought that she and Tony Parker would live happily ever after, and probably have their own kids by now.

Eva Longoria may be shocked, but considering that Tony Parker is a professional athlete who has women throwing themselves at him all the time, is the fact that he cheated with Erin Barry really that big of a surprise?

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