Eva Longoria Tony Parker Divorce: Will Eva Find Comfort In Mario Lopez's Arms?

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Will Eva Longoria Turn To Mario Lopez For Comfort?

Eva Longoria and Tony Parker are getting a divorce after she discovered that he had been cheating with Erin Barry, his former teammate Brent Barry’s wife. Now that Eva Longoria’s marriage to Tony Parker is over, will she find comfort in good friend Mario Lopez’s arms?

Mario Lopez is dating Courtney Mazza, and they just had their first child together, a girl. But now that Eva Longoria is back on the market, will Mario Lopez’s eyes start to drift from Courtney? Eva Longoria is quite a catch, and Mario may see this as his big chance to have a relationship with her.

Mario Lopez has a history of cheating in his past. He was married to Ali Landry for a matter of weeks before she discovered that he’d cheated on her just before they got hitched!

Mario Lopez and Eva Longoria are the best of friends, and he is already supporting her during the Tony Parker Erin Barry cheating scandal. Will this friendship bloom into a romance?

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