DWTS Evan Lysacek Misses Kate Gosselin. Could He Babysit?


During Kate Gosselin’s zombie dancing run on Dancing With The Stars all we could hear about was how much her co-stars hated her and her diva behavior on set. Well, absence truly does make the heart grow fonder-at least in the case of runner up Evan Lysacek.

“I’ve kept in really close touch with the entire cast,” he tells People. “The people I met were the best thing I took from being on the show. We all walked away with a new family.”

Including Kate? You bet. They’ve been keeping in touch with phone calls!

“Kate is in New York right now. We’ve been texting each other back and forth and we’re trying to get together,” he says. “We are very close. She is the sweetest woman in the world. We were instantly friends and everyone really loved her on the show. We missed her so much when she left. She’s hilarious and she’s always joking around. I don’t think she ever said a serious sentence.”

So she wasn’t a diva? Could all the suppposed drama been built up to attract viewers? Or having stepped away from the situation, have the dancers realized how hard the experience must have been on the mom of eight? Whatever the case it worked! The ratings were high this past season.

Evan calls Kate an “amazing mom and a tough lady,” and recalls how often she showed off pics of her clan. And while he thinks they’re adorable, he won’t be babysitting anytime soon. “She wouldn’t want me to,” he says. “Maybe one of them — and that would be a challenge. I have a 16-month-old nephew and I couldn’t baby sit him alone. He’s mischievous, so I don’t think I could handle eight. But Kate is a pro.”

I have a feeling the kids would like spending time with Evan. Now that Jon is off the show, there is room for a male figure and who better to teach them a dance routine? That’s one area Kate truly needs help in.


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