Evan Rachel Wood Bares All in Mildred Pierce! "More Nervous than I Thought"

mildred pierce, evan rachel wood
Evan Rachel Wood bares all in Mildred Pierce

Evan Rachel Wood said she was uncomfortable to bare all for Mildred Pierce, which premiered Monday night in New York.

The actress will be full frontal in the HBO mini-series which debuts on HBO on March 27.

“I was a lot more nervous than I thought I was going to be… I hadn’t made my mind up if I was going to go full until we were rehearsing, and I was talking to Todd [Haynes, the series’ writer and director] like ‘What do you think?’—and he was like, ‘I think we’re going to be chickening out if we don’t just go for it.'”

Wood’s co-star Winslet convinced her to go for it.

“I looked at Kate and she was like, ‘You’ve got to do it. Trust me, it’s so brave. Put a merkin on and you’ll be fine.’ Let’s just say, I had to wear a wig because it was in the 30s, and everything had to look like it was in the 30s.”

Mildred Pierce tells the story of a woman who separates from her husband, opens a new restaurant and falls in love with a new man. Kate Winslet plays Mildred while Wood portrays her daughter Veda in the five-part series.

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