Evangeline Lilly Pregnant: How Did She Keep Pregnancy Secret?

evangeline lilly
How Did Evangeline Lilly Hide Her Pregnancy?

Have you heard that LOST star Evangeline Lilly is pregnant? Have you heard that she’s very pregnant? Evangeline Lilly is supposedly just weeks away from giving birth to her first child.

These photos of Evangeline running errands in her home of Hawaii show one huge baby bump! It would’ve been pretty hard to hide the fact that she’s expecting, so how did Lilly manage to keep her pregnancy a secret?

Evangeline wound up staying in Hawaii with her boyfriend, Norman Kali, after production on LOST wrapped up. If she wanted to stay out of the spotlight, then staying there was probably her best move, considering she’s managed to keep her pregnancy from being discovered. With no photographers looming on every corner, Lilly was able to enjoy her growing belly in peace up until this point.

Evangeline’s rep still will not comment or confirm the pregnancy, but I’d say it’s impossible to deny. I wonder if she’ll announce the baby’s birth?

Photo: Pacific Coast News

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