Evangeline Lilly Pregnant: When Is Evangeline Lilly's Due Date?

Evangeline Lilly pregnant due date
Evangeline Lilly pregnant - when is she due?

Evangeline Lilly pregnant photos are taking the internet by storm, but when is Evangeline Lilly’s due date?

And how did Evangeline Lilly keep her pregnant baby bump such a well guarded secret?

After wrapping Lost, Evangeline Lilly completely fell off the radar, even going so unnoticed that no one spied her baby bump until it was a full on belly explosion!

Since Evangeline Lilly has yet to make a statement, we can’t confirm when Lilly is due, but judging by the Evangeline Lilly pregnant pics at, we’d say she’s due ANY day now!

Other celebs that have spring due dates include Mariah Carey, Pink and Toni Collette, so be on the lookout for a celeb baby boom soon!

Who is Evangeline Lilly’s baby daddy? Lost production assistant Norman Kali – again, who knew she was dating him after her split with Lost’s Dominic Monaghan?