Evelyn Lozada And Chad Ochocinco Would Make Beautiful Babies


Basketball Wives star, Evelyn Lozada, is reportedly dating football player, Chad Ochocinco, and VH1 isn’t too happy about it!  Ochocinco is currently starring in the network’s reality show called The Ultimate Catch”, in which he has many women vying for his affections, none of whom are Evelyn Lozada!

Considering that the show isn’t even over yet, Chad being seen with Evelyn isn’t exactly great for ratings! It basically gives away the fact that Ochocinco will not end up with any of the girls on the show as his pick for true love.

Chad has been attracted to Lozada for quite sometime, and has even tweeted about his desires for the beautiful star.

The success of relationships from reality dating shows doesn’t exactly have a high success rate, so I doubt that anyone will be surprised if he doesn’t wind up with any of the contestants at the end.

He seems pretty smitten with Evelyn, and hopefully she’s returning his affections as well. These two beautiful people would certainly make some gorgeous babies, don’t you think?