Even Donny Osmond Is Ripping Jon Gosselin (Video)


Jon GosselinYes, it makes me happy when anyone rips Jon Gosselin to his face on TV, but the punishment doled out by Donny Osmond and Bethany Frankel on The Insider was pretty tame compared to the tongue-lashing Jon got from Nancy Grace earlier this week.

It is, however, pretty funny in its own way though … definitely worth watching.

For some reason, I really think it’s funny how earnest Donny Osmond is with Jon. Having been married for 32 years, Donny tries to council Jon and get the couple back together… or something. It’s like he’s having a Regis Philbin moment.

Donny doesn’t seem to understand that he’s missing a perfectly good opportunity to pile on one of the douchiest dads in America. Bethany Frankel did her best to make up for it:

“I’m as mad at her as at you,” she told him. “Everyone’s mad at you right now. America has a big problem with the fact that [your kids] are growing up on a television show
. You never know what the effects will be 20 years from now,” Bethenny added.

“I think you’re defeated. You need to pull yourself up from your bootstraps and get back to your kids and get your crap together,” . “You need to pull it together.”

Still, she’s no Nancy Grace.