Sarah Palin Defends Jessica Simpson's Pregnancy Weight

Sarah Palin Talks Jessica Simpson

Imagine gaining a whole lot of weight during your pregnancy and it’s not just your dear friends and relatives that chime in on the topic, but the whole country!

Tabloids, blogs, talk shows hosts, they’ve all taken a stab at the size of Jessica Simpson’s baby bump. But someone came to her defense – that pitbull with lipstick – Sarah Palin!

What did she say?

Sarah Palin was a guest host on the fourth hour of the Today Show on Tuesday. The topic of Jessica Simpson’s weight gain came up in conversation. She was asked what she would have done if anyone said anything about her extra baby bump baggage she stated,  “I would have wanted to punch them in the neck because it’s none of anybody else’s business.”

Thankfully, I don’t see Jessica Simpson punching anyone in the neck anytime soon!