Everybody Loves 'The Middle' With Patricia Heaton


It is very uncommon to strike gold twice with two television shows, but Patricia Heaton has managed to do just that.

After nine highly rated seasons of Everybody Loves Raymond, Heaton went on to co-star with Kelsey Grammer in Fox’s Back to You.  The series only lasted one season and it seemed as though her run on Raymond was the peak of her career.  But after a year long break, Heaton returned to television yet again in what we now know as ABC’s hit comedy The Middle.  The show has received positive reviews and held onto 7 million viewers throughout the season.

On Wednesday Septemeber 22, The Middle will premiere its second season at 8PM.  Don’t expect Heaton to forget her Raymond roots as Doris Roberts, former costar, is set to guest star this season as well.

This series seems to be a whole new level for Heaton as the series, about a fictional family living in Indiana, is told primarily from her character’s perspective.

Will you be watching The Middle this season?

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